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water filter price in Nepal| Major suppliers and wholesalers

water filter price in nepal

To choose a domestic water purifier, we first need to know what the purpose of using the water purifier is? Such as: for drinking, cooking … or for bathing or other uses.

What is the characteristics of the water used? Is there chlorine, nitrate and nitrite and other water-soluble chemical pollutants? Is the water-soluble contaminants superficial and the water in question has only an unpleasant color and taste?

Choosing a home-based household water purifier can not seem easy with the various brands and brands available on the market, but by knowing the key points and key features in choosing a home water purifier, Choose all the different models, the right device, and the quality and standard of your choice, in addition to being suitable for your use.

water filter price in Nepal| Major suppliers and wholesalers

water filter benefits and advantages

water filter benefits and advantageswater filter factories

Water purifier filter Step 4 (Membrane filter)

Membrane Filter (memberan) is a fourth-stage water purifier filter made of a series of semi-permeable membranes made of very thin cellulose acetate, which are wrapped together and used in reverse osmosis (RO) devices for water purification Are used. The basis of this water purification filter is that the water is fed by a pressure pump to this filter and the water is discharged from one side and the non-sanitary and impure water on the other. This water purification filter has the ability to remove 98% of the contaminants and chemicals in the water. It is important to note that the temperature for entering the memberan filter is 25 ° C and the higher the water temperature is, the pore volume The membrane filter (memberan) is more open and passes more pollutants. The switching time of this water purification filter is directly related to the time of prefilter filter replacement (polypropylene water purifier filter, active carbon filter water purifier, and carbon filter water filter Block), but by measuring the amount of TDS, it is possible to know the exact time of switching this water filter, but at some point the time of switching It is between 18 months and 24 months.

best under sink water filter brands

best under sink water filter brandswater filtration system

Water Filter Jet Fifth Step (Filter Post Carbon)

The filtered water purification filter or Post Carbon filter, which contains active carbon fine grains, is used in step 5 of the domestic water purifier and to eliminate odor and taste of water and potential contaminants from the shelf-life Eliminates excessive water in the tank and also improves the color and taste of the water and makes the water more transparent.

The time of switching the post-carbon filter water filter after their useful life and depending on the amount of water consumed (1500 gallons) is usually between 18 and 24 months, this water filter is not in the cartridge, unlike previous filters, and is completely replaced after their lifetime. The next filter replaces it.

The important point to note is that when the carbon filter post-filter is replaced, it is necessary to pay attention to the flow of the water flowing so that the filter function is correct and after the change it is better to pass through about 3 gallons of water. So that the fines inside it are well washed.

modern and low cost water filters

modern and low cost water filtersWater purifier filter Step 6 (Mineral filter or mineral filter)

Mineral Water Filter This water purifier is usually yellowish, containing mineral minerals, and is used as a sixth filter for domestic water purification.

In the reverse osmosis (RO) water purification system, minerals are removed from the water, and this water purification filter adds the necessary minerals (calcium and magnesium, etc.) to the water after complete refinement. It should be explained that the mineral water purification filter is approved by the World Health Organization (NSF) from the United States. The replacement of this water purification filter also varies depending on the amount of water consumed, usually between 18 and 24 months.

water filter suppliers in Nepal

water filter suppliers in NepalReverse osmosis (RO) water treatment is one of the best and most modern methods of water purification by passing water from a membrane and removing various pollutants in several steps and removing very small amounts of physical pollutants. It measures 5 microns to completely clean water from nitrate and nitrite, chlorine.

The importance of having a home-made water purifier for clean and safe water and using it for uses such as drinking water, tea, coffee, vegetable washing and cooking.

The reverse osmosis (RO) water purifier is capable of removing over 2100 types of water contaminating materials that are harmful to human health.

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